Man arrested for shooting Orbeez gun at woman; drunk man crashes Corolla into parked vehicle: Brook Park police blotter

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Disorderly conduct: Engle & Sheldon roads

A Brook Park man, 18, was arrested and given a court summons at about 6:30 p.m. March 5 after he shot a 53-year-old woman with an Orbeez gun – a toy that discharges small, colorful balls – in the area of Engle and Sheldon.

Police spotted a car that matched a description of the suspect’s vehicle, a Ford Escape, stopped at a red light on Sheldon at North Rocky River Drive. They pulled over the car in the parking lot of Circle K on North Rocky River.

The Escape smelled like alcohol. The man and his passenger, 19, said they were “just kids being kids trying to have fun.” They admitted randomly shooting a person, who was walking on a sidewalk, with the Orbeez gun.

Police searched the Escape and found an open can of Corona and two Orbeez guns. The man then said he felt like harming himself so he was taken to Southwest General Health Center in Middleburg Heights.

Operating a vehicle under the influence: Michael Drive

An intoxicated Brook Park man, 34, was arrested at about 9:30 p.m. March 4 after crashing his Toyota Corolla into a vehicle parked on Michael.

No one was in parked vehicle, which was legally parked in the street, at the time of the crash. The Corolla hit the parked vehicle with enough force to push it onto the tree lawn.

The man, when talking to police, slurred his words and mumbled. He stumbled as he walked. He denied drinking but failed field sobriety tests. The man later admitted ingesting heroin before driving that night.

Fraud: Fry Road

A Fry woman was scammed out of money by a fake prospective employer.

The woman was looking for a job Feb. 7 on the employment website Indeed when the fake employer contacted her and offered her a job. On Feb. 24, the woman received a $4,975 check from the fake employer.

The fake employer instructed the woman to deposit the check into her bank account, then use the electronic payment service Zelle to send $500 to a certain email address for work supplies.

The woman obeyed, but when she tired to transfer the $500 through Zelle, the transaction failed. The fake employer then told the woman to buy six American Express gift cards, totaling $2,285, and text the card numbers. The woman did so.

Someone cashed the gift cards and the woman never heard back from the fake employer. She reported the fraud to her bank, which refused to do anything about it.

Warrant served, marijuana possession: Brookpark Road

A wanted Cleveland man, 43, was arrested at about 2 a.m. March 5 at Travelodge by Wyndham, 14043 Brookpark.

Police were called to the hotel because the man was arguing with a clerk. The man told police the hotel was overcharging him. The clerk said he would refund the man if he left the property.

Dispatchers told police the man was wanted by the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office. Police found what they believed was a small bag of marijuana and a marijuana pipe with the man.

Theft: Brookpark Road

An unidentified male stole car parts from Metro Lexus, 13600 Brookpark, between 12:30 p.m. March 1 and 12:30 p.m. March 3.

A DoorDash person was supposed to deliver the parts to a customer. However, security video showed the unidentified male snatch the parts off the front counter. The male drove away in a black Mercedes sedan.

Operating a vehicle under the influence: Brookpark Road

A Parma man, 38, was arrested at about 3 a.m. March 9 for driving drunk on Brookpark.

The man was driving his Subaru Impreza without headlights so police pulled him over. He smelled like alcohol.

The man admitted drinking at Crazy Horse, a strip club, but added, “I’ve only been under the legal limit.” He failed field sobriety tests.

Grand theft trailer: West 130th Street

A trailer containing a $700 generator and $3,000 in steel diamond plating was stolen between 5 p.m. March 2 and 9:30 a.m. March 3 from outside a business on West 130th.

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