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Webb Space Telescope captures dust storm on remote planet

Researchers working with data from the James Webb Space Telescope have spotted silicate cloud features in a distant planet’s atmosphere.  NASA said that the atmosphere … Read more

Asteroid discovery suggests life on Earth came from space billions of years ago

Two organic compounds essential for living organisms have been found in samples retrieved from the asteroid Ryugu, buttressing the notion that some ingredients crucial for … Read more

New research reveals why endangered orcas have failed to recover despite decades of conservation efforts

People have taken many steps in recent decades to help the Pacific Northwest’s endangered killer whales, which have long suffered from starvation, pollution and the … Read more

Northern Lights dazzle in over half-dozen states: New York, Minnesota, Arkansas

People living in at least a half-dozen states could see the shimmering and surprising display of the Northern Lights between Thursday and Friday. Individuals in … Read more

March planetary alignment: How and when to see it

A planetary alignment is reportedly slated for the end of the month.  Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus – and our moon – will be visible … Read more